3M tape is a well-known brand of tape in the adhesive industry. 3M tape is very reliable in quality. However, 3M tape will inevitably encounter some conventional problems during the die-cutting process, such as residue, irregularity, bubbles, and unevenness. When similar problems occur, we need to deal with them accordingly. The following It’s about how to deal with the conventional problems of 3M tape!

3M tape
When there is a problem with 3M tape, it can be divided into 5 steps.


(1) Before bonding the 3m tape, we must first clean and dry the adhesive surface to ensure that the adhesive surface is clean. Generally, use a cloth dipped in a mixture of 1:1 IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and water to wipe and clean the surface. Wait until the surface is completely dry before bonding.

bonding the 3m tape

(2) After waiting until the cleaning solvent on the adhesive is dry, we then attach the 3M tape to the adhesive surface, slightly apply some pressure on the surface of the 3m tape, and apply pressure on the surface of the 3m tape with a roller or other means to make the 3m tape more effective The adhesion on a dry surface.

Pasting of 3M tape

(3) Tear off the release paper from the 3M tape, and then attach the material to be bonded. The same pressure needs to be applied to make the 3M tape more effective. If bubbles are generated during the bonding process and need to be removed, the pressure should be increased again, and the pressure that the article can withstand is the upper limit.

Tear off the release paper from the 3M tape

(4) It is better to control the temperature between 15-38℃ when applying 3M tape. CUSCOR hereby reminds users not to use 3m tape when it is below 10℃. The bonding effect produced by this is not satisfactory. of.

control temperature between 15-38℃ when applying 3M tape

(5) When bonding with 3m tape, one end should be attached first, and then slowly pressed to the other end to reduce the chance of air bubbles.

environment requirements for 3M tape storage

Suitable environment requirements for 3M tape storage: temperature is 18-27°C, humidity is 40-60%.

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3M tape in die-cutting processing