EPDM rubber is basically a saturated polymer with very good aging resistance, good weather resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, good chemical resistance, and good impact elasticity. Today EPDM is widely used in the automotive industry and is mainly reflected in the following three products:

1. Automobile tires

Butyl rubber (IIR) has excellent air tightness, weather resistance, and ozone resistance, and is an ideal material for automobile tires; however, IIR has poor processability and poor compatibility with filler oils and carbon black. Adding a small amount of EPDM to the IIR not only solves the above problems, but also makes the surface of this rubber extrudate smooth, eliminates the phenomenon of thinning at the folding place when parked, and improves the compression resistance and permanent wear resistance. And dynamic mechanical properties, improve low-temperature flexibility and oxidation resistance.

2. Automotive coolant hose

The increasingly compact body structure and engine structure of modern automobiles, coupled with the continuous improvement in fuel efficiency, have led to a continuous rise in the temperature under the hood of the automobile, and a significant increase in the operating temperature of the automobile cooling system. The temperature of the coolant in the car during the exercise can reach 90-110 ° C, which requires the car radiator coolant hose to work at high temperatures. EPDM is an excellent elastomer material. When used in radiator hoses, EPDM not only has good heat resistance and ozone resistance, but also has excellent oil resistance and chemical stability.

3. Car seal

Nowadays, cars are becoming more and more popular, and the requirements for speed are getting higher and higher. When the car is braked frequently at high speed, a large amount of frictional heat will increase the temperature of the heating system. When the boiling point of the brake fluid is exceeded, the evaporation of the brake fluid to form steam may cause air blocking, which may cause brake failure. Therefore, the sealing requirements of the piston seal ring are very high. At present, both at home and abroad are made of EPDM materials with good moisture resistance. EPDM vulcanized with salt bath or microwave can be used for sealing materials of automobile doors and windows, windshield; especially continuous vulcanized EPDM sealing strips, whose performance meets relevant technical requirements.