Cushioning + Vibration Damping

Buffer and shock-absorbing materials are widely used in electronics, automotive, and computer products.
If you have a problem with noise, vibration, or cushioning, please contact us.

CUSCOR can provide the most suitable foam tape, cushion, etc. for your application.

Gaskets + Sealing

A wide variety of gaskets are required depending on the environment in which they are used. Such as waterproof gaskets, dust gaskets, liquid gas gaskets, etc.

CUSCOR produces a wide range of gaskets. With a variety of materials and production processes, we can design low-cost and efficient gaskets to solve the sealing problem.

Bonding + Joining

The experts at CUSCOR will work with you to understand the substrates you are attempting to bond, environmental factors, and final application to make the best material recommendation for your application.

From permanent composites to temporary adsorption to detachable auxiliary assemblies, CUSCOR has developed a variety of materials.

Adhesive materials include acrylic foam tape, transfer tape, double-sided tape, and reusable fastening tape.

Acoustics + Damping

In the field of mechanical manufacturing, automotive NVH, and other fields, there is a lot of noise, vibration, and buffer problems. Polymer materials have a wide range of mature applications in these fields.

If you need to contact us, CUSCOR will provide you with the most suitable acoustic materials.

Filtering + Venting

CUSCOR produces a wide range of filter materials and breathable materials.

The permeable material reduces internal pressure and moisture condensation while forming a permeable seal, eliminating the need for physical ventilation.

Filter material isolates dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants as sound and air pass.

Thermal Insulation + Surface Protection

The experts at CUSCOR will discuss with you the use, working environment, and material requirements of insulation materials to recommend suitable polymer insulation materials.

Products need to be protected in the production process, packaging, and transportation. CUSCOR produces a variety of surface protection materials.


EPDM nitrile neoprene rubber custom gaskets
EPDM rubber vacuum gaskets
EPDM neoprene rubber gaskets

Our goal is to help customers improve manufacturing processes, increase product added value and reduce costs.

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