Butyl rubber: Butyl waterproof sealing tape.

Butyl waterproof sealing tape has excellent adhesion and has strong adhesion to various surfaces. Has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, and excellent water resistance.

It has the functions of sealing, damping, and protecting the adhered surface. Because it contains no solvents, it does not shrink, does not emit toxic gases, and is easy to construct. It is a rare waterproof sealing material in the communications, wind power, construction, home appliances, and automotive industries.

We can provide double-sided butyl waterproof sealing tape, single-sided non-woven butyl waterproof tape, single-sided aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape, insulating waterproof tape, automotive sealing tape, etc. The thickness range of the tape: 0.5 ~ 10mm, width range: 3 ~ 300mm.

Precautions for the use of butyl sealant

Butyl sealant strips are used in automobiles, construction, industry, and other industries, which are inseparable from its performance advantages.

Use of Butyl Sealant

Technical parameters of butyl sealing tape

  1. Density: 1.4±0.1g/cm³ASTMD2937-04
  2. Anti-aging: no cracking and flowing ASTMC792-93 (2000min68℃)
  3. Peel strength (glass): 15.1N/cmASTMD3330-02 (23℃300mm/min)
  4. Elongation: unlimited ASTMC736-00 (23℃250mm/min)
  5. Resilience: 70% ASTMF36J
  6. Color: white, black
Technical parameters of butyl sealing tape

Precautions for the use of butyl sealant strips

1. Please clean the water, oil, dust and other dirt on the surface of the material to adhere before use;

2. The tape should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from heat, direct sunlight or rain, and it is forbidden to put it on its side;

3. The shelf life of the original packaging of the tape is 3 years

Butyl rubber can be used for customized car weatherstrips.