Application and Advantages of Nature Rubber in the Commercial Field

Most natural rubber is obtained by beating the latex of natural rubber trees or similar species. After harvest, the latex is refined and ready for commercial use. Natural rubber has become a popular material used by manufacturers due to its excellent quality. Some of the advantages of natural rubber include a high stretch ratio, excellent resilience, and a waterproof surface.

Natural Rubber


Nowadays, it is found that natural rubber has been used in many different industries in many products all over the world. At CUSCOR, we mainly use natural rubber to make natural rubber gaskets.


natural rubber gasket

natural rubber gasket



Natural rubber(NR) is used in many different applications due to its elasticity and resilience. We manufacture NR gaskets. Rubber has good sealing properties because it is resistant to water and many other fluids. For example, gaskets play an excellent role in sealing the small space between two components and preventing leakage during operation. In internal combustion engines, gaskets can help maintain the compression force necessary for power generation. Other applications include:

  • Shock mounts
  • Vibration isolators
  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Rolls
  • Hose and tubing
  • Tires
  • Bushings
  • Pad assemblies
  • Loading dock bumpers
  • Rain gear
  • Air hose
  • Chemical tube
  • Shock absorber

CUSCOR can convert various grades, thickness, and hardness of NR gaskets and water jet cutting NR gaskets. The standard thickness of NR ranges from 1/64 inch to 2 inches. The hardness of natural rubber is in the range of 40 to 60 hardness (Shore A). It is necessary to combine tear resistance and abrasion resistance. NR gaskets are available with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing.


NR gaskets provide superior dynamic sealing. They have a low level of damping and good low-temperature properties and mate well with metal surfaces. NR seals also resist tear and abrasion and can resist shear and compression for long periods in the absence of tension.


When subjected to tension, however, NR gaskets may experience ozone cracking. That’s why Interstate Specialty Products can also recommend synthetic NR gaskets if that’s what your application requires. Ask us about all of your choices for gasket material, and we’ll recommend the right elastomer.


Specialty gaskets made of NR may withstand light contact with some chemicals, but oils and solvents will cause a loss of physical strength. Often, NR latex is compounded with other rubbers to impart improved properties. The type of solvents and the type of rubbers determine the rate of the chemical attack.


Natural Rubber Benefits & Advantages

  • Can be compounded to meet nearly any mechanical requirement
  • Ability to be electrically insulating or fully conductive
  • Features natural protection, insulation, and sealing properties
  • Excellent ability to absorb vibration and shock while silencing noise in even heavy-duty applications.

CUSCOR can provide you with a variety of NR products including gaskets, self-adhesive tapes, sponge and foams.