Neoprene tapes have excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, etc., and their comprehensive physical and mechanical properties are also good. CUSCOR can provide you with all kinds of customized neoprene tapes.

neoprene tapes
Neoprene properties

(1) The strength of neoprene

The tensile properties of chloroprene rubber are similar to those of natural rubber, with very high tensile strength and elongation at break.

(2) Excellent aging resistance

The aging resistance of chloroprene rubber, especially weather resistance and ozone resistance, is second only to ethylene-propylene rubber and butyl rubber in general rubber, far better than natural rubber; its heat resistance is better than natural rubber and styrene- butadiene rubber, and butadiene rubber Eye rubber is similar and can be used for a short time at 150°C.

(3) Excellent flame resistance

The flame resistance of neoprene is the best among general-purpose rubbers. It has the characteristics of non-spontaneous combustion. It can burn in contact with the flame, but the flame is extinguished by itself. This is because when the neoprene is burned, it can decompose under the action of high temperatures. Hydrogen chloride gas extinguished the fire.

(4) Excellent oil resistance and solvent resistance

The oil resistance of chloroprene rubber is second only to nitrile rubber and better than other general-purpose rubbers. This is because the chloroprene rubber molecule contains polar chlorine atoms, which increases the polarity of the molecule.

Chloroprene rubber is also very resistant to chemical corrosion. Except for strong oxidizing acids, other acids and alkalis have almost no effect on ithem. The water resistance of neoprene is also better than other synthetic rubbers.