Molded Nitrile

In mechanical products, there must be various defects and deviations in shape and size on the surface of the machine. The role of the seal is particularly important. CUSCOR can provide you with all kinds of customized molded nitrile.

Molded nitrile rubber
Selection of sealing material

The basic requirements for sealing are good sealing, safe and reliable, long life, compact structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, and low cost.

  1. The material has good compactness and is not easy to leak the medium.
  2. Have proper mechanical strength and hardness.
  3. Good compressibility and resilience, small permanent deformation.
  4. No softening or decomposition at high temperature, no hardening, and no embrittlement at low temperature.
  5. Good corrosion resistance, long-term work in acid, alkali, oil, and other media, with small changes in volume and hardness.
  6. The small friction coefficient and good wear resistance.
  7. It has the flexibility to bond with the sealing surface.
  8. Good aging resistance and durability.