Types of NBR
Nitrile rubber

CUSCOR can provide you with a variety of NBR tapes. The length, width, and thickness of the product and self-adhesive tapes can be customized.

NBR tapes
NBR foam tapes
Advantages of NBR

(1)Green and environmental protection

No harmful substances, so no pollutants harmful to the human body will be produced during installation and application.

(2)Low thermal conductivity

NBR is high-quality thermal insulation and energy-saving material. It is the nemesis of cold insulation, heat insulation, and anti-condensation. The thermal conductivity is low and stable, and it has an insulating effect on any heating medium.

(3)Good fire resistance

No harmful substances, so no pollutants harmful to the human body will be produced during installation and application.

(3)Good fire resistance

(4)Closed bubble structure

Lower thermal conductivity; more uniform and dense bubbles, strong resistance to water vapor penetration, and prolong service life.

(5)Thin materials and space saving

The thickness of NBR is about two-thirds less than other insulation materials.

(6)Long service life

Rubber and plastic have excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-severe cold, anti-heat, anti-drying, anti-humidity, and anti-ultraviolet and ozone resistance.

(7)Easy and fast installation

Because the material is soft and no auxiliary layer is needed, the construction and installation are simple.

NBR is commonly used for Sealstrip. NBR has excellent oil resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance, making it suitable for many sealing applications.

CUSCOR is a Sealstrip supplier and manufacturer, with the Sealstrip factory located in China.

Applications of Sealstrip

1. Food Packaging:
Sealstrip has become a game-changer in the food packaging industry. Its tamper-evident features ensure the integrity of packaged food products, assuring consumers of their safety. From snack bags and cereal boxes to frozen food packages, Sealstrip provides a secure closure mechanism that prevents contamination and maintains the freshness of the contents. The easy-open feature allows for hassle-free access to the packaged food, eliminating the need for additional tools or utensils.

2. Pharmaceutical Industry:
In the pharmaceutical sector, maintaining product integrity and extending shelf life are critical. Sealstrip’s hermetic sealing properties offer an ideal solution to keep medications and medical devices protected from moisture, air, and other external factors. The intuitive opening mechanism facilitates quick and easy access to medicines while maintaining their sterility. Moreover, the tamper-evident nature of Sealstrip ensures consumer confidence by providing evidence of package tampering.

3. Personal Care Products:
Sealstrip has also made its mark in the personal care industry. From cosmetic products to healthcare items such as bandages and adhesive tapes, Sealstrip offers reliable sealing to safeguard these products from contamination, leakage, and drying out. The user-friendly opening mechanism enables effortless access to personal care items, ensuring a positive customer experience.

4. Household Products:
Packaging for household products like detergents, cleaning wipes, and pet care items requires robust sealing solutions. Sealstrip’s strong adhesive properties create an effective barrier, preventing spills, leaks, and unwanted exposure to air or moisture.

5. Industrial Applications:
Sealstrip’s applications extend beyond consumer goods. The industrial sector utilizes Sealstrip for packaging materials such as adhesives, lubricants, and chemicals. These products often require airtight sealing to prevent evaporation or leakage.