Rogers Corporation, which originated in 1832, first introduced the PORON® product line in 1958 after signing an agreement with United Shoe Machinery Corporation. The foam rapidly became the leader in foam cushioning for shoe soles, a position it still holds today.

From gaskets and sealing to performance cushioning, PORON® Urethanes continue to be the material of choice for solving tomorrow’s problems today.


  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • Micro-cellular open-cell structure
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Flame retardant to UL 94.
  • Environmentally safe, low outgassing
  • The durable and long term performance
  • Achieves a strong bond to Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.
  • Thickness – All are “cast to thickness” and are readily available in a wide range of standard thicknesses.
  • Very thin versions are supplied cast to a thin layer of polyester for dimensional stability.
  • Color – Typically, the industrial grades are available in black color as standard.
  • Can be laminated, die-cut, laser-cut, water jet cut, and slit with precision.




  • Fast rebound
  • Good abrasion, weathering & ozone resistance
  • Competitive with rubber and vinyl products in many applications
  • Closed-cell structure with an in-built water vapor barrier
  • Very good flexibility at low temperatures

According to your application requirements, CUSCOR can select PORON of different densities, thicknesses, and models to die-cut into gaskets and sealing strips.



Extra soft, slow rebound – extremely easy to compress

Intended for applications where clamping or closure force is very light or surfaces are very delicate.

Available in standard thicknesses from .021” to .500” (.53mm to 12.7mm)


Very soft, easily compressed

Intended for flexible gaskets, seals, gap fillers, or spring applications

Available in standard thicknesses from .031” to .500” (.79mm to 12.7mm)


Soft, compressible

Intended for a wide variety of gasket, gap filling, vibration damping, and shock absorbing applications.

We think of the “40 Formulation” as the general-purpose foam. Many engineers start here and adjust their choice to other grades as their application demands.

Available in standard thicknesses from .031” to .500” (.79mm to 12.7mm)

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Firm, still compressible but requires more clamping force

Intended for managing high energy impact. Also used for gaskets. This is the material of choice, for example, of many cabinet manufacturers for cabinet bumpers that absorb shock, quietly.

Available in standard thicknesses from .031” to .500” (.79mm to 12.7mm)


Very firm, still compressible but requires strong clamping force

Intended energy management solutions. Is used for gaskets, spacers, shock bumpers, and “footpads” (cushions on the bottom of many devices)

Available in standard thicknesses from .031” to .250” (.79mm to 6.35mm)

4701-41, AquaPro™ Enhanced Sealability

Soft, compressible

The AquaPro™ formulations exhibit a greater content of closed cells than other grades. They are intended for demanding vacuum sealing applications, water sealing, and other applications where a moisture barrier is required. Available in standard thicknesses from .031” to .500” (.79mm to 12.7mm)

4701-V0-M, V-0 Foam

Soft, compressible

Meets UL94 V-0 flammability rating, the most stringent flame requirement for foam materials (most other foams that meet V-0 are silicone foams.)

Available thicknesses: .197” and .236” (5.0mm and 6.0mm)