Neoprene is an extremely versatile synthetic black rubber used for harsh environment applications due to its excellent resistance to oil and petroleum-based solvents.

Neoprene resists deprivation from the sun, ozone, and other weather elements. It also displays incredible resistance to damage caused by flexing and twisting. Another advantage of neoprene rubber is that it has very good resistance to dilute acids, alkalis, oils, greases, and solvents.

Neoprene has the ability to work well in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +100°C, intermittent to +110°C. Neoprene gaskets are used for equipment in all industries.

CUSCOR can provide you with a variety of neoprene rubber products including gaskets, self-adhesive tapes, sponges, and foams.
And we can process neoprene into a block, sheet, tube, roll, and various die cuttings.