Regarding die cutting, which industries are widely used?
main factors involved in die cutting

1. The main factors involved in die cutting.
Die-cutting is to make the raw material into a specific shape of parts through precision machining and cutting according to a predetermined shape, which belongs to the processing industry.
Die-cutting must involve the following factors: raw materials; die-cutting equipment; knife die; die-cutting technicians.

2. Fields involved in the die-cutting industry

As the die-cutting industry, it covers a wide range of fields, including the electronics industry, mechanical processing industry, food industry, medical industry, packaging industry, and so on.
The use of electronic products and die-cutting products involved in die-cutting products: widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, MP3, MP4, copiers, digital cameras, digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones, automobiles, instruments, and other electronic communications, digital IT product accessories, medical equipment, etc. Die-cut products have a wide range of uses. Different die-cut products have different material characteristics and are installed in different electronic components to perform their functions. They have functions such as shockproof, insulation, conductive shielding, and adhesive stickers.
Various precision die cutting:
(1)  Backlight module series: black and white double-sided tape, brightness enhancement film, diffusion film, reflective film, double-sided tape, etc.
(2)  Adhesive series: 3M, NITTO, SONY, TESA series double-sided adhesives and various single-sided adhesives, etc.
(3)  Protection/buffer series: protective film, electrostatic film, EVA, PORON, and other shockproof foam.
(4)  Insulation materials: PC, PVC, PET, FORMEX.
(5)  EMI shielding materials: conductive foam, conductive cloth tape, conductive copper, aluminum foil tape.
(6)  Various other high-precision die-cutting products.

3. Confidentiality in the die-cutting industry

The die-cutting industry belongs to the supporting processing industry, but it is also one of the indispensable industries in the electronics industry. The product of the die-cutting industry is not a product with a standard or the same model. It is developed according to the requirements of the customer and belongs to the type of single-item product. One type of die-cutting product can only be used on one of the components of an electronic product, and will not have a multi-purpose nature.

product of the die-cutting industry