At present, many industries and products require silicone gaskets to help increase the airtightness of pipelines and closed products. In fact, good-selling silicone gaskets can be used in many industries and products. After all, silicone foam gaskets Can it be applied to those products?

1. Electrical appliances: Silicone gaskets are also widely used in many household appliances, which proves that silicone gaskets are suitable for far more types of products than we think, such as rice cookers, water dispensers, ovens, and other household appliances. For those with high sealing requirements, silicone sealing points can be used as sealing parts, and the service life of silica gel is very long, which can ensure the airtightness of electrical equipment for a long period of time.

2. Various pipelines

Silicone gaskets are used in many pipelines in a very high amount. For parts such as water pipes, air organs, oil pipes, etc., where external pressure invades, the currently practical silicone gaskets can be used to prevent pipeline leakage and help Resist the external corrosive environment, so the joints of many pipes are sealed by silicone gaskets.

3. New energy vehicles

Today, the new energy vehicle industry is developing in parallel, and higher requirements are also put forward for the heat dissipation of power batteries. Silicone foam sealing materials are used for lithium battery box components for new energy electric vehicles.

It can be seen that the types of products applicable to practical silicone gaskets are rich and diverse, not only products often used in electrical appliances and various types of pipelines, but also many transportation equipment, communications, electrical equipment, electronic products and components, and industrial machinery. Apart from high efficiency in the use of silicone gaskets, due to the good reliability, flexibility, and airtightness of silicone gaskets, silicone foam gaskets will also be used in other products in future development.